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Delivering Solutions and Innovations to Empower Success Through Compliance Education

  • Identifying Deficits

  • Building Cohesive Healthcare Teams

  • Improving Processes

  • Establish Better Patient Care and Overall Safety


We Provide Healthcare Compliance Programs

The Continuing Education Programs we provide are an organized approach to required and new information of Federal, State and/or Local Agencies. The intent is to educate and change the attitude and approach of implementing regulatory requirements, correct any outdated knowledge, and improve skills and techniques each healthcare professional is accountable to know and complete.              

Comprehensive team-building programs with hands-on training, guides, templates, and checklists to meet your specific healthcare regulatory requirements.

Healthcare facilities that recognize and value the importance of training all employees on compliance regulations such as OSHA, Infection Control, Governance, and HIPAA are less likely to have any reported complaints, receive citations, or fail an audit with governing bodies with jurisdiction and oversight.



All of These Healthcare Facilities Have Mandated Regulatory Requirements for Both the Professional and the Facility


Medical Facility

Dental Surgery

Dental Facility

Beauty Salon

Med-Spas & Workout Facilities

Who Is Watching Over Our Salons and Spas?

The Overlapping of Medical Procedures and the Beauty Industry Created the Medi-Spa, Dental Spa, Health Spa, Wellness Centers, Salon or Beauty Spa. All of These Entities Have to Meet Regulatory Requirements:

Medical, Dental, Allied Health Professionals, Home Healthcare and Spa practices that recognize and value the importance of training employees on Compliance Regulations such as OSHA, Infection Control, Governance and HIPAA are less likely to have any reported complaints, receive citations, or fail an audit with governing bodies with jurisdiction and oversight.

About Us

OBSc - "Guiding Professionals to Meet Compliance Regulations"


Mary Beth O’Brien has over 20 years’ experience working in healthcare. She is a consultant dedicated to working with healthcare professionals providing programs that guide, educate, and provide solutions to inspire safe and effective care of the highest quality and value for patients, providers, and staff.

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About Us

Medical/Dental/Spas/ Home Health/Allied Health Facilities

In the last decade, the number of complex surgical invasive procedures performed in doctors’ offices has more than doubled. These facilities are not limited to clinics, but include dental, medical, and spa facilities. It is the improvement of equipment, technology, and techniques that has led to this escalating volume. Recognizing the growth of this industry, these procedures are mandated to be performed by qualified healthcare professionals in an office setting that achieves and maintains the highest standards of public health and safety.

OSHA, HIPAA and CDC are just three of the national standards all facilities are expected to meet. There are specific training requirements with these regulatory agencies, including; at time of hire, yearly, and as new procedures, products or equipment are introduced into the practice. We can assist you in understanding and implementing these standards.  


We do this by offering a comprehensive 5 step program that provides education, implementation, evaluation, standardization and validation.

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